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Deposit the funds through the form available on the site,If you deposit through Skrill send us an e-mail at [email protected] after your deposit with attached proof of the payment[note make sure the Skrill email you paid with matches the one you registered with on our website for easy confirmation]As for bitcoin payment do not close the payment portal as once your payment is confirmed your account will be funded instantly[in a a situation whereby you close the browser we shall not be responsible for the loss of funds,instead of closing the browser write to us to lay a complaint of uncompleted transaction

*We do not offer major league games as this site is mainly for those interested in betting on lower end leagues which most of the regular bookies does not offer so do not expect to see top European league matches here

*Minimum Bet is 100 Euro

*Minimum deposit is 1000 euro

*Minimum Withdrawal is 500 euro{Note Deposits can`t be withdrawn until a bet must have been placed and won}

*Maximum bet amount is 100,000 euro[Note Maximum payout is 1 miilion euro]

*Withdrawal method is only through bitcoin for now,make sure the provided bitcoin wallet address is correct as we will not be held responsible for any loss of funds as a result of wrong address provided

General Terms & conditions      
Betfix.net reserves the right to decline all, or part, of any bet requested if any of the terms was violated

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure details of their bets are correct. Once bets have been placed and their acceptance confirmed they may not be cancelled or changed by the customer.

The 'To Win' calculation is for information only, and all bets will be calculated using the stake/risk at the odds accepted. In multiple bets/parlays with a void selection(s) the 'To Win' figure is reduced accordingly.

 reserves the right to suspend a market at anytime. When a market is suspended any bets entered will be valid

 also reserves the right to cease betting on any markets at any time without notice

 reserves the right to close or suspend a customer's account.

No credit will be offered by any employee of betfix.net and all bets must be supported by sufficient funds in the customer account.betfix.net reserves the right to void any bet which may have inadvertently been accepted when the account did not have sufficient funds to cover the bet. Should funds be credited to a customer's account in error it is the customer's responsibility to inform betfix.com without delay.betfix.net will recover such funds by account adjustment.

All winnings will be credited to the customer account. Any funds/winnings credited to an account in error are not available for use, and betfix.net reserves the right to void any transactions involving such funds, either at the time or retrospectively.

 shall accept no liability for any damages or losses which are deemed or alleged to have arisen out of or in connection with betfix.net's website or its content; including without limitation, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, loss or corruption of data, communication or lines failure, any person's misuse of the site or its content or any errors or omissions in
 actively monitors traffic to and from its websites betfix.net reserves the right in its sole discretion to block access where evidence indicative of automated or robotic activity is found.
Related contingency betting
Multiple bets which combine different selections within the same event are not accepted where the outcome of one affects or is affected by the other

Privacy Statement
This policy describes the way in which we deal with the information you provide to us to enable us to manage your relationship with betfix.net

We will process any personal information provided to us (whether via this website, the customer application form or any other means) or otherwise held by us relating to you in the manner set out in this statement. By submitting your information to us and using the betfix.net website you confirm your consent to the use of your personal information as set out in this Privacy Statement.

Information Collected and how it is used
We may use your personal information together with other information for the purposes of:
1. processing your bets
2. setting up and managing your account
3. complying with our regulatory duties
4. building up personal profiles
5. providing you with information about promotional offers

Information Storage
We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your information is kept secure and protected. We will only disclose personal information to other companies within associated or subsidiary companies and to business partners, successors in title to our business and suppliers that are engaged to process such information on our behalf. If you apply for an account with us then to help us make credit decisions about you, to prevent fraud, to check your age and identity and to prevent money laundering, we may use third parties including credit reference agencies who will record any searches on your file. We may also make enquiries of, and disclose details of how you conduct your account to, such agencies, security organisations and any other relevant third parties for fraud and money laundering prevention.

Use Of Cookies
We may use cookies as a means of collecting information from a web server for the above purposes following a customer's use of the website.

Internet-based transfers
Given that the Internet is a global environment, using the Internet to collect and process personal data necessarily involves the transmission of data on an international basis. Some of the data processors engaged to process personal data may be based outside of the European Economic Area. Therefore, by browsing our website and communicating electronically with us, you acknowledge and agree to our processing of your personal data in this way.

Responsible Gambling

Problem Gambling Questionnaire
If you are concerned that gambling may have taken over your (or someone else’s) life then the following questions may help you find out:

1. Do you stay away from work, college or school to gamble?
2. Do you gamble to escape from a boring or unhappy life?
3. When gambling and you run out of money, do you feel lost and in despair and need to gamble again as soon as possible?
4. Do you gamble until your last penny is gone, even the fare home or the cost of a cup of tea?
5. Have you ever lied to cover up the amount of money or time you have spent gambling?
6. Have others ever criticised your gambling?
7. Have you lost interest in your family, friends or hobbies?
8. After losing, do you feel you must try and win back your losses as soon as possible?
9. Do arguments, frustrations or disappointments make you want to gamble?
10. Do you feel depressed or even suicidal because of your gambling?

The more you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, the more likely you are to have a serious gambling problem. To speak to someone about this contact the GamCare confidential helpline on 0845 6000 133 or visit their website at www.gamcare.org.uk for further information.
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Parental Controls
There are a number of third party applications that parents or guardians can use to monitor or restrict the use of their computer's access to the Internet:

1. Net Nanny filtering software protects children from inappropriate web content: www.netnanny.com.
2. CYBERsitter filtering software allowing parents to add their own sites to block: www.cybersitter.com